Improving awareness and compliance via an application platform.

  • Short essential waste factoids and tips
  • Real-time Waste bin utilization and overflow
  • Municipal guidelines on waste disposal
  • Updates, Reminders, and Notification


Offering convenience through technology and process improvements.

  • Automated status notifications with bin sensors
  • Ticket system for waste concerns
  • Waste item search and disposal center locator
  • Dedicated/Pop-up bins for more waste streams


Promoting waste reduction in connected and engaged communities.

  • Marketplace for tool sharing and item donation
  • Portal for organizing recycle and fund drives
  • Resident groups to collaborate on waste issues
  • Volunteer program portal

We provide innovative solutions that saves time and resources to elevate your waste management experience.

We encourage community collaborations that supportzero-waste economy.

About Us

Waste Savant Technologies, Inc. (WSTI) is a British Columbia-incorporated venture focused on helping Multi-unit Residential Buildings (MURBs) make waste management more convenient and efficient for their property managers and residents.  We strive to promote responsible stewardship for our community, the environment, and our resources.

What We Do

We understand the challenges that property managers have, and the inconveniences residents have, in doing their part to properly segregate and dispose of household waste, leading to varying levels of awareness and compliance relative to waste management.  Through innovative solutions, we encourage community learning and collaboration in addressing current challenges to improve and elevate the waste reduction and segregation process. By saving time and resources, we enable a more effective and sustainable waste management practice within the framework of a zero-waste and circular economy.

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● Item Search: Manual key-in or chatbot assistant

● Automated notifications when bins are full, empty, or unavailable through bin sensors

● Dedicated bins for additional waste streams

● Pop-up bins for the collection of non-typical wastes (furniture, clothes, etc.)

● Queue system for the property manager to prioritize and address waste management issues

● Locations of drop-off depots and disposal centers


● Marketplace for tool sharing, donating items, organizing fund drives

● Residents can form chat groups to collaborate on waste management issues

● Organize a volunteer program coupled with a reward system where residents would take turns:
--- Bringing the non-typical wastes to their respective depots
--- Assisting neighbors who need help in waste management.


● Short essential waste factoids, trivia, and videos every time you log in

● Tips on reusing, repurposing, repairing, and recycling items

● Provide information on the current waste diversion rate

● Residents can share information to promote waste reduction

● Reminders/updates on your waste management rules